Quality Assurance

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Quality Assurance

  • HACCP Hazard analysis and critical control points

    In the early 1960s, NASA was to ensure that the food would be sent to space was safe, they created a guide for food safety which systematic preventive approach to food safety.
  • ISO22000 International standard in food safety

    ISO 22000 Standard specifies the requirement for a food safety management system. It communicates between organizations both upstream and downstream in the food chain, and assists in clarifying customer and supplier rquirements.
  • Acronym of Certified Agriculture Standards in Taiwan

    CAS is the acronym of Certified Agricultural Standards which develop by the Council of Agriculture of the Executive Yuan in Taiwan. The aim of CAS is to upgrade the quality of agricultural produce and their processed products. The system ensures the common interest of the producers, retailers and consumers.
  • HACCP Certificate of Bureau of Standards, Metrology & Inspection, M.O.E.A, Taiwan

  • Taiwan CAS Certified

  • ISO22000 Certified

  • HACCP Certified

  • ISO9001 Certified